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Puppy Classes Now Available!

Middlesex County Animal Hospital now offers puppy classes for puppies ranging from 3-6 months of age.  These classes will not only teach you good training techniques but will offer helpful hints for managing common puppy behavioral problems and recognizing puppy medical problems.  Classes will be held weekly for one hour and last six weeks.  Middlesex County Animal Hospital knows that behavioral problems not caught early in life can lead to major problems later in life.  Behavioral issues are the number one reason why dogs are surrendered to humane societies.  We are very proud to offer you these classes and to have a highly qualified technician, Kristy Williams, to help train your new puppy. Call today for class schedule.

  Puppy Class Instructor Credentials

Miss Kristy Williams began training puppies for the Air Force in 1996 and has been helping new puppies owners ever since.  She trained under Dr. Michelle Posage, a veterinary behaviorist, while running weekly puppy classes at the Animal Hospital of Nashua.  Miss Williams uses a positive reinforcement style of training proven successful by many prominent behaviorists.  She is an extremely knowledgeable, patient trainer and her years of experience will translate into success for you and you pet.  Her two sweet, obedient German Shepherds, Cassie and Ty, are proof that her methods work.

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