scott_best-150x150 VeterinariansScott E. Heckerling, DVM, Medical Director & Co-owner

Dr. Scott Heckerling, Medical Director of Middlesex County Animal Hospital, is devoted to providing you pet with up to date, compassionate, and practical medical care.  Prior to opening Middlesex County Animal Hospital he had eight years’ experience working in large referral veterinary hospitals where he has learned from board certified internal medicine, emergency, and surgical specialists.  Dr. Heckerling’s work experience has provided him with a unique understanding of all aspects of veterinary medicine.  He has an extensive knowledge of and practical experience in preventative medicine, emergency cases, and surgical veterinary care.  He feels at ease discussing the most appropriate vaccines for your new puppy, the best course of action for your vomiting cat, and the different surgical options for repair of the ligaments in your dog’s knee.

Dr. Heckerling grew up in Miami, Florida and attended the University of Florida undergraduate and veterinary colleges.  He graduated with high honors from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and completed a one year internship at South Shore Animal Hospital in 1999.  Dr. Heckerling has handled hundreds of emergency medical and surgical cases and has gained a reputation for exceptional customer service and patient care.  He loves to teach both his clients and staff and held the position of Director of Staff Medical Education.

Away from the office Dr. Heckerling relaxes at home.  He loves the mountains and gets away for skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing whenever possible.  He is an avid Boston Red Sox fan but unfortunately has remained a Miami Dolphin fan from his younger years.  His hobbies include dabbling in the stock market, weight lifting, fishing, and planning the next project around the house.

dr_Stephen_Wharrie-150x150 VeterinariansSteven J. Wharrie, DVM

Dr. Steven J. Wharrie has been a dedicated veterinarian at Middlesex County Animal Hospital since 2015 and has been working in the veterinary field for 10 years. Dr. Wharrie grew up surrounded by dogs, mainly Border Collies, as his parents owned a company that trained the dogs to chase geese in order to humanely remove them from parks and other expansive properties.

Dr. Wharrie is a graduate of Rutgers University where he received his undergraduate degree in Animal Science. He then received his Veterinary degree from Western University of Health Sciences in California. Enhancing our hospital with his professionalism and good nature, Dr. Wharrie offers a great quality of attentiveness and care to patients. Known for his thoroughness, clients praise the gentle one-on-one approach that he takes. His areas of interest include dermatology, geriatric care and chronic disease management.

Through compassion, education, and respect for the client’s wishes, Dr. Wharrie strives to keep his patients as healthy as possible and his clients as happy as possible. Some of his greatest feelings of success come from working with anxious and fear aggressive dogs, and watching them respond positively to his calm and gentle way of medicine. As time allows, Dr. Wharrie enjoys spending time outdoors participating in activities such as hiking, fishing and kayaking.

Alex-and-Sampson--150x150 VeterinariansAlexandra C. Shailor, VMD

Dr. Alexandra C. Shailor joined the Middlesex County Animal Hospital team in June of 2017. In Dr. Shailor’s time with us she has shown great skill and devotion to her clients. Always having loved animals, she told her preschool teacher that she wanted to be a vet when she grew up. She first started volunteering at a local vet clinic when she was only 11 years old, and certainly never looked back!

Dr. Shailor grew up in Beverly, Massachusetts and is happy to be back in New England after living in Pennsylvania for the past few years. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for her undergraduate degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania where she received her veterinary degree.  Since joining Middlesex County Animal Hospital, her clients have commended her thoughtful approach to cases and for always going above and beyond the expected care. Her passion for animals is made clear by her warm and understanding approach to all patient matters. Dr. Shailor is particularly interested in surgery and geriatric care.

She also has a strong love for rescue and shelter medicine, and enjoys giving back to the community. On her days out of the hospital, you can often find her volunteering by performing surgeries at the MSPCA. In her infrequent amounts of spare time, Dr. Shailor enjoys reading classic literature, going antiquing, and spending time with her Pitbull mix named Sampson and her two cats, Rocky and Desdemona.

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